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About Dmitri Zagidulin


Some Trivia

Hometown(s): Odessa (Ukraine), Cleveland (OH)
Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
Occupation: Programmer, Web Developer
High School: Hawken School, class of 1997
College: Allegheny College, class of 2001, B.S. Computer Science, (minors in Mathematics, Cognitive Science)
Status: Married (to Melissa)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Yahoo Profile: dzagidulin
Email: dmitri@zagidulin.net
Wish Lists: Amazon Wishlist


My Portal: Web sites that I read on a regular basis.

Books: Books have had a huge influence on me. I read voraciously, and the books never fail to change and amaze me. This is the crossection of my mind, the books that defined me: All-time Favorite Books.
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Film: Films I've recently seen.

Anime: I have a passion for good anime. Here's a list of anime titles I've seen.

Comics: I'm sloooowly educating myself about the world of comics and graphic novels. See Comics I've read so far.

Hobbies: Too many to describe here. But a good approximation can be gleamed while looking at my Links.

Politics: I think Geoffrey Landis has summed up my stance quite well.

About Me

I want a tribe to belong to. I want that cradle-to-grave security that is my birthright. I want more, more of everything, more free time, more wealth, more books, more travel, more slack. And less angst in the world. I want fearless, boundless, human-centric technology that works. I want to buy a cheap commercial ticket to the Moon, and to stand on it with my own two feet. I want to raise kids who can deal with life, with the world. I want the Technological Singularity to arrive, and for humans to emerge, unscathed and proud, on the other side. And I want my flying car, dammit.


Last Updated: Nov 13, 2003